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1. What areas do you service?
We mainly service the greater Seattle Metro area, the eastside, North King County and South Snohomish County .  However we have client as far south as Maple Valley, as far north as Lake Steven and as far east as Snoqualmie. We have even done larger multiple day project as far east as Ellensburg.
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2. What is your experience with commercial cleaning projects?
Our staff brings to the job site a combined 40 years of experience coordinating large and small jobs. We have handled everything from 50 building complexes to 4 unit condos.
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3. What type of properties do you take on?
If you have a building we will clean it. Office buildings, retail spaces, industrial parks, multi-residential buildings, small stand alones, all of these we have thousands of hours of experience maintaining and the service testimonials to back up our work!
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4. How good is your post-work clean up?
Our retention rate for clients is excellent. Satisfaction with our work has always been our top priority. So we take great pride in making the smallest detail is taken care of.
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5. Can you remove and reinstall my screens? 
Yes we can.  90% of screens are removable from the outside so we typically remove them while cleaning the outside windows and reinstall after the window has been cleaned.  However there are some screens that can only be removed from the inside, so if we are only doing exterior window cleaning those screens will have to be removed by the home owner or renter.
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6. Do you do drop work?
Yes we can.  Our staff is well trained and experienced in drop or repelling window cleaning work.  We have all the proper safety equipment, safety ropes and supplies necessary.
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7. The screens get dusty.  What can you do about that? 
Part of our window cleaning service is a dusting of the screens we remove.  It makes no sense to hide a clean window behind a dusty screen.  And no there is no additional charge for screen dusting, it is part of the normal window cleaning service we provide.
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8. The screens get really dirty and dusting is not enough.  Can you actually clean the screens? 
If dusting is not enough and a thorough cleaning is necessary we can do that for you.  However there is an additional charge for thorough screen cleaning.
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9. We have some screens that need the meshing replaced. Is that something you can do?
Yes, we do screen repairs.
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10. Our last window cleaner left water drip marks on the window frame, window casing and in the window track.  What do you do about that?
Part of the normal window cleaning service we provide is a wipe down of the window framing, casing and track on both the inside and outside to remove water drips, spider webs and dust.
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11. Our last window cleaner left ladder marks or scratches on the siding.  What do you do to prevent that from happening? 
All our ladders have pads on the tops and on any stand-off arms we us.  These pads will protect any kind of siding that your property has.
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12. Our home owners are interested in having the interior windows of their individual homes cleaned, is that something you do? 
Yes!  We not only provide this service, but also offer special pricing while we are on-site.  If necessary we will schedule an extra day or two to accommodate home owners interior window cleaning needs.
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13. We just had a building painted.  If there is any paint overspray on the windows can you remove it? 
Yes we can.  We like to know if a property has been painted prior to starting a job so that we can have the proper equipment and supplies necessary to complete the job properly.  We also like to know if a property has been painted prior to starting a job so that we can schedule out the extra time needed to complete the job properly.
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14. Do you do gutter cleaning?
Yes we do gutter cleaning.  Our gutter cleaning service is very popular during the fall and early spring.  So make your appointments early!
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15. Do you do maintenance cleaning or janitorial services?   
Yes we do.  We have crews that can handle both maintenance cleaning and janitorial services.  We can cater our services to fit your needs and budget.
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16. Do you do apartment turn-overs or move-out cleaning?   
Yes we do.  We have crews that can handle all your apartment turn-overs and move-out cleaning needs.  We can cater our services to fit your needs and budget.
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17. How often should we have the windows cleaned at our property? 
Well that all depends on your properties needs.  Each property and it’s owners are unique.  We have restaurants that we clean as often as once per weeks.  We have commercial/retail properties that require quarterly window cleaning.  Again we can cater our services to fit the needs and budgets of each individual property.
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